Plantable Pencils

(MRP: INR 185/-)

  • Vibrant – Colorful – ‘Full of Life’
  • Made from 100% Recycled Paper -100% Wood Free Pencils
  • Made from 100% Chemical Free ‘Edible Colors’
  • Bio-Degradable Capsules filled with 10 varieties of seeds attached to the end of each Pencil
  • HB#2 Extra Dark Graphite smooth texture

“Max Element”:

  • After using the pencil, when just the Stub is left, instead of throwing the pencil, one may ‘Plant the Pencil’ in the planter full of soil and manure.
  • Way to Plant - The rear side with the capsule should be inserted in the soil and manure mixture diagonally, just enough to cover the capsule fully.
  • The Capsule is Bio-Degradable, hence it shall dissolve letting the seeds go inside the moist manure filled soil.
  • In ideal situation (soil-manure-water-sunlight-air), most of the seeds Germinate in 5-10 days.
  • Pencils are coated with edible colors, keeping them possibly as close to the color of vegetable/ plant of the seed that the pencil is carrying.
  • Once the entire process of using the pencil, followed by Planting the same is over, you can give yourself a pat, as you have just created ‘Life from Waste’.
  • You may now give yourself a second pat, as you have helped a set of underprivileged group earn a respectable livelihood.